About Us

Racha Ravi The Comedian has his sights set on. I does this for the love, the art, the creation and the ability to Work with and for talented artist, Creators and Well Wishers of all forms of entertainment. So Take a look and see how My Self (Racha Ravi) can fit in your Project or on your Stage.

I am an Venerated actor and comedian called as Racha Ravi, I was known for my portrayals of the eccentric comedy in a Television show called JABARDASTH.

If my father had laughed at the things I did, I probably would be a comic actor,

I have been in comedy bringing humor and delight to all that have seen me on stage. I offer time-tested tools for using humor to turn pain into punchlines, losses into laughs, and messes and stresses into successes.

People call me as Stress Reduction Specialist. Thanks for the Confidence kept on me.

Born: 27 July 1982 (age 35), Hanamkonda, Warangal
Spouse: Swathi Doddipati (m. 2011)
Childrens: Anugna, Sharvanadh